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Anchoring Projects in Domestic

The following domestic projects have applied our IBO self-drilling anchors. Most of them are still limited in traditional applications. The current innovated applications in micropiles are utilized by American and European.


  • Highway projects

Applications of hollow injection anchors: slope and surface stabilized with soil nails, tied back with soil nails, retaining walls and expressway tunnel constructions.


Tunnels of G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway


Tunnels of China National Highway G108


  • Track transportation projects

All threaded hollow bar anchors are normally used for the ground reinforcement of road, bridge, metro and tunnel. Because of the IBO hollow bar continued thread, it is easy to be cut or spliced. Famous NATM method introduced this drilling tool and it is still used today.


Chongqing Rail Transit

Most of the lines are on the ground, and it took advantages of the past bomb shelter systems to build the underground tunnels.

chongqing rail transit

chongqing rail transit

railway tunnel construction

railway tunnel construction


Nankun Railway

The construction began in 1990, completed in 1997.  This railway is a major rail for east-west transportation in southern China.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway

8 percent of the whole rail line is occupied by bridges or tunnels. It travels through Kunlun Mountains, Hoh Xil, Tangla Mountains from Xining to Lhasa.


  • Hydropower projects

Self-drilling anchors can be used for embankment stabilizations. With good corrosion protected (like galvanized, or stainless steel made), the hollow drill rod can be used in marine and aggressive environments.


Water diversion tunnel of Jinping Power Station

Slope support of Nuozhadu Hydropower



  • Coal mine tunnel support

Small size hollow bars like R25 anchors are mostly used. The injection and drilling are operated synchronously. It is recommended in the roadway supporting of coal mine under complicated difficult conditions. This is the best construction scheme of complicated geological conditions, such as broken surrounding rock, weak surrounding rock, high ground stress and large deformation, etc.

Thanks to the hollow design, IBO anchor bolt achieves the function of the grouting pipe, which can avoid the loss of cement mortar in traditional construction injection technology.




We have manufactured IBO hollow bars (Self-Drilling Anchors) for over 20 years. Thousands of anchoring projects prove our strength. Now there are new production lines for large diameter IBO anchor bars. Welcome to visit our factory and you can find the industry’s top product is right there.