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Hollow bar micropiles

Hollow Bar Micropiles

Micropiles, sometimes also called root piles or mini piles, are a kind of speciality piles. They are normally used for underpinning, including high-speed railway, bridge building […]
Highway Tunnel Self Drilling IBO Rock Bolts

Application of big diameter IBO

Karst disposal of Big diameter self-drilling anchoring applied in tunneling Abstract The karst development of National Highway G5 Gujia Mountain Tunnel is strong. It is characterized […]
Drilling Rock Anchor Bolts

Drilling Rock Anchor Bolts

Abstract: There are many kinds of roof/rib support & rock reinforcement methods in the engineering. Such as mechanical rock anchors, grouted bonded rock & soil anchors, […]

Manufacturer of quality IBO drill rods

Wondering how we purchase raw steel material and how we produce IBO drilling anchors? Do you know how many workers are needed in a IBO hollow […]