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IBO forepoling of highway tunnel

IBO Forepoling

Analysis on Support Technology in Expressway Tunnel Construction   In recent years, the transportation industry of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) is growing rapidly. […]
surrounding rock anchor support

Tunnel Supporting

Application of self-drilling hollow grouting bolt in tunnel surrounding rock support Summary Since the type of hollow grouting bolt is a set of drilling, grouting, anchoring […]
IBO Classification

IBO Classification

Feel confused with MAI R38 (ultimate tensile load 500kN / yield load 400kN) and Titan 40/16 IBO (ultimate load 660kN / yield load 525kN)? Is there […]

IBO anchoring analysis

Self-drilling anchor applied in Japan This is an analysis report about Self-drilling anchor usage in every region. Why it begins with Japan? First, you know, Self-drilling […]