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Anti-Corrosion IBO

Corrosion Protection of IBO Anchor Drill Bar In some occasions of Anchorage engineering, serious damage resulting from the corrosion of anchor bolts occurred frequently. IBO hollow […]
Hollow Bar Soil Nails

Hollow Bar Soil Nails

Soil nailing is a method of earth reinforcement. It can be used as foundation repair or construction of soil slopes. Read SDA expert tips on how […]

IBO rock bolt applied in Loose rock body

The application of self-propelled rock bolt in loose accumulation body tunnel construction   Abstract: introduce a tunnel project which applied self-advancing rock bolts in the pilot […]
slope supporting self-drilling anchoring

Slope Support by Self-Drilling Anchoring Method

The application of self-drilling anchor hollow bar in slope supporting Abstract Self-drilling hollow grouting anchor is a new type of anchor bolt. In contrast to conventional […]