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Manufacturer of quality IBO drill rods

Wondering how we purchase raw steel material and how we produce IBO drilling anchors? Do you know how many workers are needed in a IBO hollow […]
bit diameter drill bit mold

IBO Accessories

How IBO Soil Anchor Accessories are Manufactured What is IBO Drill System? The most versatile and efficient anchoring system designed, for use in a wide variety […]
Drilling Rock Anchor Bolts

Drilling Rock Anchor Bolts

Abstract: There are many kinds of roof/rib support & rock reinforcement methods in the engineering. Such as mechanical rock anchors, grouted bonded rock & soil anchors, […]
NATM IBO Self Drilling Anchor


NATM tunnelling technology and theory Recently IBODRILL employees attended a seminar on tunnelling and underground support. Tunnel project designers and Geo-drilling products manufacturers shared ideas on tunneling […]