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surrounding rock anchor support

Tunnel Supporting

Application of self-drilling hollow grouting bolt in tunnel surrounding rock support Summary Since the type of hollow grouting bolt is a set of drilling, grouting, anchoring […]
IBO Classification

IBO Classification

Feel confused with MAI R38 (ultimate tensile load 500kN / yield load 400kN) and Titan 40/16 IBO (ultimate load 660kN / yield load 525kN)? Is there […]
bit diameter drill bit mold

IBO Accessories

How IBO Soil Anchor Accessories are Manufactured What is IBO Drill System? The most versatile and efficient anchoring system designed, for use in a wide variety […]

IBO anchoring analysis

Self-drilling anchor applied in Japan This is an analysis report about Self-drilling anchor usage in every region. Why it begins with Japan? First, you know, Self-drilling […]