• 1991ONTON was founded.

    Chinese name is Chengdu Modern Wantong Anchor Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 1992The first SDA made by Chinese manufacturer.

    The self-drilling anchor (SDA, IBO) is made by cut threading onto the both ends of the hollow bars.
  • 1994ONTON made the first Chinese cold rolled SDA.

    IBO Self-drilling anchors in the ture sense. With all threaded in the whole anchor bar.
  • 1995ONTON SDA was used in the construction of Jiazhuqing Tunnel.

    Self-drilling anchor was first applied in tunneling in China.
  • 1998Rolling Process Upgraded.

    The hot rolling technology was introduced.
  • 2006Production Technology became riper.

    ONTON applies the unique integration process of hot roll, heat treat and cold roll.
  • 2008Domestic Standards Drafting.

    ONTON participated in drafting Railway Standards which was issued by Ministry of Railway PRC.
  • 2012Began to export.

    ONTON began to export self-drilling anchors to Japan.