Hollow Bar Micropiles

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Hollow bar micropiles

Hollow bar micropiles

Micropiles, sometimes also called root piles or mini piles, are a kind of speciality piles. They are normally used for underpinning, including high-speed railway, bridge building and so on.


The diameter of a micropile is 60 to 200 mm. The diameter is small in comparison with normal piles. Thus Micropiles systems are allowed in almost any ground condition with equipment smaller than those used for traditional piles.


In general, Micropiles includes the reinforcement, hex nuts, steel casing, steel bearing plates, and centralizer.


For Solid Bar Micropiles:

  1. The predrilling is required.
  2. The micropile system is limited to shallow rock, and very stiff throughout soil strata.
  3. A casing is needed in soft soils.
  4. Pre / Post-Grouting.
  5. Numbers of equipment.


In contrast, the Drill Hollow Bar Micropiles are more efficient and labor saving in strata reinforcements:

  1. No need of predrilling, high installation rate.
  2. Self-Drilling Hollow Bar Micropiles is available in difficult soil conditions.
  3. No casing required which reduce material cost.
  4. Only need drilling and grout injection.


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IBO Hollow bar micropile Production Line: Qualified workers are inspecting the drill rods one by one.

IBO Hollow bar micropile Production Line

IBO Hollow bar micropile Production Line

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