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Drill Bit Adaptor Coupling Sleeve IBO R

External R type Thread

Drill Bit Adaptor Coupling Sleeve IBO T

Internal T type Thread

Drill Bit Adapter Coupling Sleeves

Connetion of hollow bar and drill bit threads of different diameters.

Bigger drill hole by larger diameter drill bit.

Controlled transmission of the drilling energy from the IBO hollow bar anchor onto the drill bit.

Loose and soft ground conditions preferred.

Drill bit adapter couplings are available in almost any thread combination. Female to male adapters are available on request.

Adapter couplings are made to order from T38 thread T45 thread and more.

Product NameIBO Hollow Bar ThreadIBO Drill Bit Thread
R25/32R Adapter CouplingR25 x 12.7R32 x 12.7
R32/38R Adapter CouplingR32 x 12.7R38 x 12.7
R32/51R Adapter CouplingR32 x 12.7R51 x 12.7
R38/51R Adapter CouplingR38 x 12.7R51 x 12.7
R51/76T Adapter CouplingR51 x 12.7T76 x 12.7
T30/40T Adapter CouplingT30T40
T30/51R Adapter CouplingT30R51 x 12.7
T40/51R Adapter CouplingT40R51 x 12.7
* Internal standard for T thread rolling.
Compatible with DYWI Hollow Drill Rods or CTS IBO Hollow Bar Anchors.