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IBO Cost Analysis
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Self-drilling anchor applied in Japan

Self-drilling anchor applied in Japan

This is an analysis report about Self-drilling anchor usage in every region.

Why it begins with Japan?

First, you know, Self-drilling anchor (SDA) was first applied in tunneling construction. And Shinkansen lines in japan is world known.


(Shinkansen line)

The second reason is the ultimate pursuit of Japanese. All suppliers and clients understand the stringent requirements from this nation. Thereby, we can take a glimpse of what is a good quality self-drilling anchor hollow bar.


(Tunnel design in Japan)

Performance requirements


(Items of hollow bar anchor bolt requirements)

The specifications for each items are close to international standards – check the specific values at ONTON product pages: rope thread IBO, T thread IBO.

Or you can contact us to get the whole PDF documents of self-drilling hollow bar material requirements in the local area.

Since earthquakes are frequently happened in Japan. High aseismic reliability of IBO rock bolts is highly regarded. That’s why ductility must be disciplined. For example, all self-drilling anchors ONTON exports to Japan meet elongation Agt > 5%.


(low elongation bolt is not safe)

Below is the tensile curve from clients’ feedbacks. ONTON IBO hollow bar anchors fully meet European advanced level. Its performance is higher than famous MAI SDA.


When the IBO (SDA) is applied in permanent support construction, the performance of the hollow anchor bolt must refer to the requirements for the reinforced bar, such as adequate ductility demand, bending property, welding performance and so on.

In Europe, IBO (SDA) must meet the requirement of EN14199 (micropiles) and EN14490 (soil nails). In USA, there is clear rule for hollow bar soil nail (HBSN) in the latest standard: No. FHWA-NHI-14-007. According to this new standard, companies such as Dywidag, SAH also adjusted the parameters of the permanent support hollow bar.

Thanks to Ischebeck Titan’s IBO hollow bar spreads rapidly in recent years, people already know how to choose a right IBO product. All manufacturers can supply R32 or T73/53 self-drilling anchors with a good look, but not all of them can be bended like Onton or Titan.


(Bended hollow bar IBO)