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IBO Classification

IBO Classification

Feel confused with MAI R38 (ultimate tensile load 500kN / yield load 400kN) and Titan 40/16 IBO (ultimate load 660kN / yield load 525kN)?

Is there difference between micropile hollow bar and rock anchor bolt (tunneling construction)?

Why IBO manufacturers have so much types of hollow bar anchors? Like this: IBO Products Index.

Parameter R25 R32L R32N R32S R38N R51L R51N T76N T76S T111L T111N
Nominal diameter 25 32 32 32 38 51 51 76 76 111 111
Yield load 150 160 230 280 400 450 630 1,200 1,500 2,000 2,750
Tensile load 200 210 280 360 500 550 800 1,600 1,900 2,640 3,650

(Typical IBO products specifications-data from Orica MAI SDA)

Now I have something that will make you have a clearer understanding.

3 ways to classify an IBO anchor bolt

There are couple of ways to classify IBO self-drilling anchor hollow bars.

  • Applications

    IBO hollow bars are normally used as rock bolt in tunneling construction, micropile and soil nail.

    Atlas Copco and Jennmar apply self-drilling rock bolt in their mining and tunneling projects mostly.

    In civil engineering, Dywidag and Titan largely install hollow bar drill rods.

    You must have heard of Helical anchoring pile which can be used to stabilize the structure’s foundation and slab.

    Similarly, hollow bar micropile and soil nail are also functioned as reinforcement tendon, combined with a cement grout body. It can be easily installed in limited spaces and capacities can be provided up to 5200kN.

    You can check our hollow bar micropile T30/16, T73/53 series at T-threaded IBO anchor.

  • Thread types

    The 2 main types:

    R25/R32/R38/R51 R series: Rope thread. Primarily supplied by MAI. ISO10208 standard.

    T30/T40/T52/T73/T103 T series: T thread (factory standard, alternative to Titan IBO anchor pile).

    Special thread shaped like Williams Form’s Geo-Drill Bar. Customizing your hollow bar anchor.

    The difference between those threads are mainly includes shearing strength and bond strength. We will post a feature article about this in the near future.

  • Common IBO series

    You can see a R thread hollow bar anchor and a T IBO in the article feature image (certainly with onton’s logo).

    No matter you project is soil nailing or piling, self-drilling IBO hollow bar can be used as permanent or temporary anchors and piles. And the install method is very fast and easy to operate.

    Contact us or feel free to visit our products gallery for a complete concept of common IBO series.