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IBO anchoring analysis
IBO Cost Analysis

IBO Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis of IBO Self-Drilling Anchor Construction

Price list for a tunnel project evaluation. IBO self-drilling anchor bolts are mainly used in this project.


No. Charge Items Name Unit Price (USD) Remarks
1 Staff Salaries Management 562.83
Drilling Rig Operators 984.96
Ancillary Staff of Drilling 1688.50
Injection Operators and Assistant 914.60
Mortar Mixer Operators and Assistant 1758.85
Plumber 492.48
Air Compressor Operator 246.24
Installing Plates and Nuts 844.25
Handymen 703.54
2 Engineering Uses Electricity 2078.18
3 Machine Drilling Rigs 291.12
4 Security Fee Including safety ropes, safety hat, antiskid shoes and guardrails for aloft work, 727.80
5 Others Rig Accessories, motor oil etc. 320.23
6 Subtotal 11613.58
7 Profit (10%) 1161.36
8 Tax Rate (3.5) 447.12
9 Total   13222.06
10 Unit Price per Meter   2.20  
Construction Materials Costs IBO Hollow Bars

Self-Drilling Anchor Bolts

USD3.65 per PCS R25 anchor bolts, L=4.5m.
Accessories of Drill Anchor rods USD0.58 per kg
Alloy Drill Bits USD4.37 per PCS R25-42-EXX

TC cross bit

M20 mortar USD34.73 per m3


The tunnel project is designed for 6000 meters. Drilling forward 280 meters per day. Considering the bad weather, it is planed that the self-drilling engineering would be finished in 29 days in total.