Stainless Steel IBO

Stainless Steel IBO Self-Drilling Anchor

Stainless IBO Anchor Bolt is a good reinforcing material to be used for permanent support works.

It provides the optimum combination of strength bond and corrosion resistance suitable for any rock bolt or ground anchor application.

Applications include: Support of water diversion tunnel, Permanent soil nailing timbering, Slope support, etc.

Stainless IBO Anchor Common Types: R25, R32, R38

Stainless IBO Anchor Bolt Technical Data

Technical Data
Steel GardeAISI 316 stainless
Typical lengths3000 mm, other lengths on request
ThreadISO 10208, T thread on request

Stainless IBO Anchor Bolt Specification

Anchor Bolt SizeR25R32R38
Outer Dia. (mm)24.74±0.1531.34±0.1537.99±0.15
Inner Dia. (mm)12±0.517±0.519±0.5
Ultimate Strength (kN)200320400
Nominal Weight (kg/m)