T-Thread IBO

T - Threaded Hollow Bars

Thread Profile: All thread, commonly referred to as fully threaded, continuously threaded. The T Thread is according to international standard. It is an alternative to Titan IBO drilling bars for CTS system.

Steel Material: C45E/S460NH

Surface Treatment: Galvanized or Epoxy coating when necessary.

Others: Chamfered, stamped or color coded for grade identification when necessary.

T - Thread IBO Bars


Average Inner Diameter11.0 mm20.0 mm16.0 mm26.0 mm58.0 mm51.0 mm44.0 mm
Cross-Sectional Area420 mm²715 mm²879 mm²1250 mm²1610 mm²1990 mm²2400 mm²
Yield Load260 kN430 kN525 kN730 kN1000 kN1200 kN1500 kN
Ultimate Tensile Load320 kN540 kN660 kN930 kN1200 kN1600 kN1900 kN
Yield Stress620 Mpa600 Mpa590 Mpa580 Mpa620 Mpa600 Mpa620 Mpa
Ultimate Stress760 Mpa750 Mpa750 Mpa750 Mpa750 Mpa800 Mpa790 Mpa
Weight 3.30 kg/m5.60 kg/m6.90 kg/m9.90 kg/m12.60 kg/m15.60 kg/m18.80 kg/m
Elongation Agt > 5%> 5%> 5%> 5%> 5%> 5%> 5%
self-drilling anchor IBO


Higher Capacity

Plateau Period is Longer

Agt > 5%

Rm/Rp0.2 > 1.15

Improved Quality

Deviation Value is Lower

Improved Quality Stability

National Product Sampling Standard

Each Batch is Traceable

More Precision

High Quality Appearance

Highlight the Brand Values